Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Demon Bacon

Session 29 – Day 44 – high sun

Eljah and Rangrim stayed in Rosso to shore up the territory while the rest of the RCOS leadership went to the Kumite. Rubi the proprietor of the Salt Lick Tavern recommended two new allies to the RCOS. One was the bard Lorn hailing from Sehret and the other the mysterious ranger Kahem.

The party traveled up the mountain to Governor Deberg’s villa for the Kumite, a martial arts tournament. Two days out from the villa they had lunch at a trail-side porridge stand. There a local pig farmer implored them for help. His brother had a possessed pig who was attacking their elderly neighbor. When the party went to investigate, the pig did appear to be possessed with a glowing red eye and a head that rotated all the way around unnaturally.

The farmers did not know why the pig was acting strangely, but it was lost for a few days near Deberg’s mountain villa. When the pig returned to the farm, it had the glowing red eye.

They killed the pig, but then two dog-like demons, canoloths, appeared from the woods demanding the slaughtered swine. The canoloths immediately attacked, supported by demonic beetles with runes etched on their shells, runespiral demons, arcing lighting from the tree-line . As the fight started, the canoloths released the demon trapped inside the pig’s body, a massive vulture like creature known as a vrock took to the air, but Kahem immediately launched an arrow causing it serious injury and invoking its attention.



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