Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

I can see my house from here!

Rangrim and Eljah met the (foul-mouthed) gnome Misty in the stables of the Leaning Camel. He claimed to be a lover of poetry and women who was living in Tower Rock collecting the poems floating down from the top of the mesa, and he hoped to one day find a way to woo one of lonely harem women and steal her away from the mysterious cursed king on the mesa. Something about his story struck Rangrim and Eljahn as false, but they did not press the point. They bid their farewells and met with the other group who had finished at the caravansary.

After comparing notes they decided to go to this mesa and investigate up close. Once there they could see that the mesa stood nearly 300 feet, and virtually a straight climb up. While there were rocks and crevices that made for good handholds along its side the top of the mesa was surrounded by a supernatural whirlwind. The party tied themselves off to each other and attempted to summit. It was close, but they were able to navigate a route near the top that avoided some of the worst of the magical whirlwind.

Once on top of hey stood at the entrance of an abandoned palace. Overgrown trees and vines strangled the stones and pillars of a once majestic home. Standing in front of the entrance was the decaying form of the chamberlain. He and a horde of zombies moved to attack. Cutting their way through them the party also had to fend of two diving undead griffons. Once they reached the top of the stairs to the palace doors they stood victorious. Ahead laid the palace of Tower rock.

Treasure: 940 gp (jewelry on the chamberlain)



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