Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Into the Plane of Fire

Session 51 – game day 54 morning

  • The RCOS convinced General Korain to wait one day before launching an all-out assault on Rosso in response to Duke Ramza’s capture.
  • Using the cooking hearth in the restaurant known as the Halfling Buffet which has a strong link to the elemental plane of fire, the RCOS travels there after the dopplegangers and Duke Ramza.
  • Assassin’s guild who runs the Halfling Buffet negotiated that their contract assassination quota be upped to 225 a year as compensation.
  • On the elemental plane of fire the RCOS encountered remnants of Nor’s army (genasi fireblades and human archers) clinging to a broken and floating piece of rock where the locked portal stands. the Norish troops attack the party since they were betrayed by their doubles.



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