Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Kumite Registration

Session 30 – game day 44

Finished fight with canaloths, runspiral demons, and vrock.

Game Day 46

Arrived at mountain villa to register for Kumite.

Met Wan Song Zhi (diaph) of the Po Chi Forest School, Dan from Dan’s School for the Gifted, Tezo J’buran (drow) of the Silverweb Viel Brotherhood, and other monasteries.

Kahem bet the Silverweb Viel Brotherhood that Balasar and Rime would make it further than them. The wager was being the “servant” of the loser for a week.

Pain, student of Kenjyn, came with his brothers Suffering and Anguish and their acid dripping hyena pets. They moved to attack identifying the RCOS as enemies of Rosso.



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