Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Party Crashers

Session 32 – game day 46 – evening

  • The RCOS found that there would be a private party where Deberg would try to hire the monasteries to help him route the RCOS from Rosso.
  • Kahem, Mayhos, and Garn tried to crash the private party, but Yoricka turned them away giving them a take-out bag of roast chicken, pork puns, dumplings, and steamed vegetables.
  • Pain, after being healed by Zhi, told Garn that at this meeting Deberg plans to possess those monks who do not agree to work with for with demons.
  • A handmaiden of Lady Hendenhall told the party that Kenjyn has imprisoned her in the dungeons of the main house. The handmaiden can signal which smoke stack to go down and sneak the party inside to free her mistress.
  • The party goes down the chute, but are discovered by a goblin cook who stirs a Bloodkiss Beholder to defend his kitchen.



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