Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Rosso Under Siege

Session 38 – game day 50

  • The party returned to Rosso in the company of their restored ally, Kenjyn, to find the city already surrounded by the allied armies led by Duke Ramza of Nor. The two sides have begun talks, but there is little hope for a bloodless solution.
  • Two new structures have appeared in the Rosso skyline: three story ziggurats made of bone and stone are now in the East and South Wards.
  • Things remain relatively safe and peaceful in the North Ward where the RCOS’s anti-undead shield has kept the majority of Deberg‘s forces out. The Solarian paladin, Lancelet, led an attack against the rival gang known as the Kawangas killing them and hanging them from the roofs of their territory. When they went up against the next gang, The Raven’s Wings, they found that the gang had allied with the Shinning Blades and captured the vigilante Solarian knights.
  • Miri told the party that The Raven’s Wings have gathered the remaining thieves guilds under their command and have allied themselves with Deberg. They took Lancelet and the other Solarians to the ziggurat in the South Ward. Miri also demonstrated that she has infernal powers similar to what Darsen lost.
  • The party went to investigate the southern ziggurat while Kenjyn’s Honor Society went to the eastern one. Along the way the party found undead leading a group of workers tiling a canal with arcane markings. They went to investigate and free the human workers.



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