Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Targeting the Candyman

Session 43 – game day 51

  • The street whispered that Deberg was working with the RCOS, making the Ravens’ Wings and the Brotherhood assassins nervous about their position in the future of Rosso’s underworld.
  • Rho tried to trick the RCOS by disguising as Duke Ramza and telling them to leave Rosso, but an emissary from the Ravens’ Wings, Milk Eye, warned them that she was a doppleganger. Rho dropped her disguise and warned that Col. Saundir was incensed that Duke Ramza was holding back his forces, and had a plan to force his hand to attack Rosso. Col. Saundir’s long term goal has been to demonstration to the king of Nor the benefits of using bound demons in addition to bound genie.
  • Milk Eye delivers the message that the other underworld guilds of Rosso want to meet with the RCOS and Deberg to divide the pie of Rosso underworld business if they help send away both Sehret and Nor. The Ravens’ Wings hold the important card of protecting Deberg from Saundir’s doppleganger spies. The underworld bosses will be at Deberg’s mansion to meet before they let Deberg reveal how the RCOS can kill the necromancer, Yoricka.
  • In a plan to sow distrust amongst the Brotherhood assassins and the Ravens’ Wings, the RCOS sets out to kill the undead Magistrate VivoxThe Candyman,” in the South Ward. They set out on game day 52.



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