Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

The Candy Store

Session 44 – game day 52 – morning

  • The RCOS reached Vivox’s candy store in the South Ward. There they found a woman from the city of Caeneria buying four mysterious crates from a green masked shopkeeper.
  • While the woman and shopkeeper haggled, Garn & Mayhos pretended to be drunk and approached the woman’s guards at their wagon. They offered to help load the crates into the wagon for a couple of silver pieces.
  • Garn dropped a crate on purpose revealing a chocolate covered boy dressed as a sheperd. Breaking away the chocolate, Garn realized there was a living boy trapped inside.
  • Garn furtively starts a fire in the wagon and drives the horses off. The woman and guards move to chase the wagon as Garn draws his weapon and prepares to engage the shopkeeper. For the ophans!
  • The shopkeeper commands magical crossbows to swing out from the shop’s windows.



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