Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

The Final Battle with Rho

Session 55 – game day 54 morning

  • Rime goes down early against Rho but is revived by Lorn, only to be devastated by Rho’s Cloud Mind attack. Rime dies.
  • Garn and Lorne go down next while the remaining doppelganger infiltrator copies the ranger Shorty and harries the party from range.
  • Orcus uses the leverage that Rho’s two sons, Eljah and Darsen, are at his power to destroy in Rosso.
  • Darsen was bred to be a living portal to the Abyss that Orcus could use if he had control of him to send his demon minions into the material plane. Rho is Eljah’s mother and Darsen’s father simultaneously.
  • The turtle goes out of control and the survivors recover outside of Rosso.
  • It is discovered that Duke Ramza ordered the attack of Rosso, sparing what innocent lives as he could, but still doing plenty of damage. Governor Deberg was killed, and Rosso has become a colony of Nor (and not an independent city as was originally negotiated).



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