Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Underworld Negotiations

Session 46 – game day 52 afternoon to 53 evening

  • RCOS returned to their headquarters in the Cattle Corner and performed the rituals to cleans the mummy rot from Balasaar and Jehenna.
  • On the following day Kenjyn and a contingent of the Honor Society met with the RCOS before they go together to discuss plans with Deberg and the other underworld bosses of Rosso. Kenjyn gave two magic item gifts to the monks of the RCOS in further thanks for their help breaking his period of confusion.
  • The RCOS and Honor Society negotiate with the underworld bosses on the division of Rosso should they succeed in routing both the allied army outside the city walls and the nefarious influence of Col. Saundir and his undead allies.
  • Before the RCOS’s arrival The Ravens’ Wings gang was accused of maneuvering for their own gain with the killing of Magistrate Vivox (The Candyman). An argument broke out with the killing of one kenku and the trapping of the others in another wing of the mansion.
  • The negotiation agreement:
    • The Assassins Guild will be allowed to double its quota of sanctioned kills to 200 per year.
    • The old Ravens’ Wing territory will be split: the north half going to the RCOS and the south half plus the old Kawanga territory will go to the Assassin’s Guild.
    • Deberg will assign people/guilds of his choosing to control the remaining open territories vacated by the removal of the Ravens’ Wing faction (West and South Wards).
    • Everyone will give up the undead in their service.
  • Deberg needs the following before he lures Yoricka and her dracolich into a trap:
    • The Ravens’ Wing in the mansion must be finished.
    • The Ravens’ Wing boss must be animated as an undead to detect dopplegangers until Saundir’s forces are removed.
  • The RCOS moved to finish off the Ravens’ Wings accompanied by a necromancer named Korn ready to animate the RW boss.

Treasure: Sandstorm Weapon +3 (quarterstaff) and Ghost Strike Ki Focus +3



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