Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Ziggurat First Floor

Session 41 – game day 50

  • The party discovers an enchantress, Jehenna, trussed up under the stairs, but first wakes vampire spawn from the coffins in the back.
  • A genasi hydromancer and his water elemental serpents who were stirring the black necromantic waters join the fight.
  • The party goes to the 2nd floor to find the necromancer Yoricka with four prisoners: Lancelet and three townsfolk. Zombie hulks stand guard. Yoricka dumps black water over them while they stand on one of the necromantic tiles the undead were lining the canals with. The power immediately turns Lancelet and the three townsfolk into undead.

Treasure: Scimitar of Force +2, Mask of Life Protection, Battleforged Plate Armor +2, Cloth robes +2, 900 gp.



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