Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Zuggurat Second Floor

Session 42 – game day 50

  • Lancelet retained some of his free-will, but the focusing lanterns started to suck that away. The party was able to destroy them and have Lancelet fight at their side. He continues to fight the darkness, but remains and ally of the RCOS.
  • Gov. Deberg struck a deal with the RCOS promising to eventually destroy the undead under his control if they support him to remain governor. In return Deberg invited the RCOS to a dinner party at his mansion in 3 days. There he would arrange for an ambush of the necromancer Yoricka and her dracolich who have started to push Deberg around.

Treasure: 1300 gp, 2 healing potions, Greataxe of Shared Wrath +3, Helm of Battle, (and Lancelet has a vicious greatsword +2 if you want to take it away from him).



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