Balasar ("The Steel Serpent")

Stone Fist Monk


Founded by an ancient Diaph monk and his Dragonborn disciples ages past, the remote Stone Fist monastery sits on the edge of the Endless Dunes. Combining a martial tradition of physical mastery, relentless exercise, and athletic perfection with the Dragonborn’s innate drive for self-improvement and mastery of a particular skill, the Stone Fist monastery was respected amongst martial communities as producing some of the toughest fighters around. To train was a gift, to sweat was a blessing, and to bleed in the training hall was divine.

It was into this lifestyle that Balasar was raised when his egg was found on the doorstep of the Stone Fist monastery years ago. Upon achieving his first rank, Balasar followed tradition and left the monastery in order to find new challenges and opponents to test his skill; the Stone Fist ethos was simple – Perfection through combat; Victory or death.

Eventually, Balasar found his way to House Saundir in Nor where he offered his services as a combat trainer to the House’s gladiators. (Balasar only trained gladiators who were free men, as he believed the noble path of combat was only for those who chose it willingly, it could not be imposed). Not content to simply teach, Balasar continually pitted his skills in the gladiatorial area against the fighters of opposing houses. His fierce fighting style and unbroken string of victories led to his gladiatorial moniker of “The Steel Serpent”. It was during this time that he formed a friendship with SuuShur, a fellow Dragonborn who also helped to train the gladiators of House Saundir. While he cared nothing for politics, Balasar was swayed by the charismatic Dragonborn and subsequently joined him following the slave revolt.

Balasar ("The Steel Serpent")

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