Darsen Thon


Darsen has been with the House of Saundir for his entire life. His mother joined the house staff while pregnant. She had been part of a nomadic tribe of elves who passed through nor to trade in crystal and metal fragments or other goods that they find on their circuit between the cities and oases. It is not really known why his mother left the tribe, but the fact that he is half-human is probably a hint.

She gained a position on the household staff despite being pregnant, leading some to speculate that Darsen’s father may have been one of the household managers. If this was the case, that person never spoke up, not even after Darsen’s mother died during childbirth.

Darsen grew up along with the other children of the household staff, for the most part fitting in and impressing people in all levels of the household. However, starting in his late teens he started having dreams. Although he never told anyone what these dreams were like, many people noticed his restless sleep. He showed more interest in the gladiatorial side of the house, and began to show powers that led him to be very effective in a gladiator team. He is not entirely certain where these powers are coming from, but since they are well under his control, he is enjoying the new avenues that they have opened for him.

Non-active PC. Raised after fighting undead algae kraken, but his warlock powers were lost after the raise.

Darsen Thon

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