Eljah ben Haram


Mehmet Andir ben Haram was a dashing bandit prince of the Endless Dune who, during a visit to Nor, carried on a dalliance with an undisclosed member of the House of Saundir’s household. Eljah was the product of that dalliance. The Saundirs, fearing a threat to the integrity of their line, covered up the delivery of the child and sent him to the slave pens where he could join his father, who was himself pressed into slavery after being caught in flagrante delicto during the selfsame act that caused Eljah to be conceived.

Or so Mehmet has told Eljah. The truth of the matter is that Eljah does not know what to believe. Some other slaves swear that Mehmet is nothing more than a drunken scoundrel who was made a slave out of failure to pay his debts to House Saundir, and that his mother was a serving girl who died in childbirth. Yet on at least a few occasions Mehmet’s blade has proven as quick as his tongue. And there is something about the line of Eljah’s jaw and the sweep of his nose that reminds one of certain members of House Saundir. Even further, there was the mysterious woman, covered from head to toe, who brought Eljah a dagger just before the slave riot broke out and pleaded with him to leave Nor as soon as he had the chance. And so, having escaped the slave pens of House Saundir, he finds himself in Rosso with several of his fellow slaves and abolitionist sympathizers.

While a slave, Eljah proved himself to be both exceptionally bright and exceptionally strong, as well as a competent leader of men. He was tutored in the use of a blade by (XXXXXXXX), and in the arts of history and diplomacy by (XXXXXXXX) [Note: I welcome other PCs to volunteer to have taught Eljah during his childhood, if anyone is so inclined]. He fought a few bouts in the gladiatorial arena, but managed to convince the battlemasters that he was better suited for other pursuits. When the riots began, he was working mostly as a petty scribe in House Saundir’s library.

Eljah does not know what became of his father during the riots, and prays for his safety. He has vowed to one day lead an army to the gates of House Saundir, free its slaves, exact vengeance upon his captors, and learn the truth of his origin.

Eljah ben Haram

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