Warden of Sol


Garn has seen more of Diapha than most creatures have through his life. He and his family came south across the great chasm and settled in the mountains near Titan’s Ruins, back before they were ruins. They resisted the Goliath wanderlust and settled into the area. He got to know the Paladins who resided there and, although he never felt the call of a divine path, found that the worship of Sol struck a chord with him. After several years, the wanderlust common in Goliaths took hold, and he decided to make his way down to Solaria, to see this city he had heard so much about.
His path took him along both sides of the Seicha River, and he had several adventures on his way. About a year after he left Titan, he arrived at Solaria, finding the city fascinating. Then Titan’s Castle fell.
He was distraught at hearing of the fall of his home, and concerned about his family. However, his friend in Solaria convinced him that it would do no good to try and race back up there. The distance was too great, and the reports said that the forces who destroyed Titan’s Castle were too numerous for one Warden to do anything other than die. They promised to spread word through the refugee networks to keep an eye out for Garn’s family and friends (Goliath and otherwise), but that he could do more good serving the Temple of Sol than charging back up north.

He stayed in the Solaria vicinity for about a year, bravely engaging in missions on both sides of the river. Eventually the wanderlust took him again, and he determined to walk down to the coast, visit Caeneria, and then perhaps wander the lands up towards Jurnerjtl. He started, stopping for days or weeks at a time at smaller Temples of Sol that he encountered and helping them where he could. Eventually he heard of troubles coming from Rosso, and decided to head up there to see how he could help. He got there just too late, as the Temple was destroyed.

Additional (by Lap):
(Let’s say Garn was there one to two weeks earlier, and was there the night the temple was zorched.)

Garn had started his visited and got to know a young initiate named Phillipe. He was more open-minded about his unorthodox warden training unlike some of the other traditionally trained paladins and knights of the Solarian order. They weren’t all uninviting, but one paladin, a young and skilled one by the name of Lancelet constantly boasted of the prowess of paladin skill and training.

When the attack happened Garn was lucky to be outside of the temple when it
happened. When the survivors gathered Phillipe was amongst them as were about forty seven other non-combatants of the temple. Lancelet also survived along with a dozen capable warriors, fighting clerics, and even an invoker. Lancelet argued immediately for an armed resistance where all of the Solarian survivors would take up arms against Rosso’s governor. Phillipe would not have it, and convinced the non-combatants to go seek refuge. There came word that a protected field had formed over the North Ward preventing undead. The rumor was that the mysterious blue dragon who fought off the dracolich might have created it. But there they might find refuge. The word was also the thieves den known as the RCOS were adamantly against the governor, undead, and might protect the like-minded. Garn would go with Phillipe and help the helpless. Lancelet and his more combative group would escort the others to the RCOS, but then would go off and fight the governor in their own way.


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