Invoker of Moradin


Rangrim of clan Deepwell has always been a faithful of Moradin. Unlike the other faithful however, he did not need to pray for the godly gifts bestowed upon the clerics. He was a vessel for Moradin’s divine might, and could channel the god’s wrath to smite their foes. Many of the other clergy were curious, wary, or jealous, not understanding why Rangrim had been chosen to wield Moradin’s power in this way. Rangrim didn’t exactly understand himself either, but he still served his god faithfully.

When trouble started brewing above in Rosso, it was decided that Rangrim would be the one sent to investigate. The loss of a whole city as a client would threaten the prosperity of their clan and community, which a servant of Moradin couldn’t abide by. So Rangrim agreed to be the one to find out what was happening in the city above.

Lap: Clan Deepwell has been the primary supplier of Rosso from the Underdark for nearly eighty years. The relationship was brokered by ties with Sehret who also does a lot of business with the hardworking dwarven clan. It came as a surprise when Rosso recently scaled back on its regular order of supplies, mushrooms, rothe meat, supplemental water, and ore, and reneged on a regular payment of rolling debt. The governor promised that it was just a temporary delay of payment, but contacts for clan Deepwell hear Rosso is considering dropping their entire obligation to the clan soon. Rosso was working with a new supplier. Someone from Nor, and someone who supplied them with necromantic contraband.

Rangrim was sent to meet with the emissary of Sehret, Lady Faye, and offer whatever help she required in the interest of Sehret which aligns with the interest of Clan Deepwell. And to of course keep the Clan informed of what he sees.


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