Terios is the sole survivor of a small circle of druids. One night when he was only eight years old, he was awakened by a commotion outside of his hut. When he took a look outside, he was greeted by a devastated village, with no sign of his parents and everyone dead and everything destroyed, leaving nothing but the lonely child and smoldering ruins. Terios stumbled out of the tiny mountain valley where his village was, desperately searching for any sign of his parents. Unable to find them, he collapsed in shock. As the next day dawned after the horrible event, a group of Saundir’s men came across the shaken child and took him to be a new slave for their lord.

Ever since then, Terios had been living as a slave for Saundir. His primary job was to tend to the animals and gardens on Saundir’s land. He would also tend to the wounds of the other slaves, when they would allow him. Some still found it hard to trust a minotaur, even if he was a fellow slave.

Despite having a relatively pleasant job for a slave, as time went on and Terios got older, he desired his freedom more and more. There were still answers he was looking for, and he knew he would not find them in eternal servitude to Saundir. He made a few escape attempts on his own, but was never successful. Eventually his access to the gardens and animal pens was restricted as punishment, and soon he was confined to one small area.

Terios was never included in the plans, but one fellow slave (maybe a PC?) hinted at what was to come and told Terios to wait for a signal, for it would be a sign of their freedom. Sure enough, not long after, the slave revolt started and the minotaur was able to escape from Saundir. Terios fled with many of the other slaves to Rosso, which is where he currently resides, a free minotaur again.

Non-active PC. Killed by undead algae kraken on Rosso Lake.


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