Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Vivox Defeated

Session 46 – game day 52 – morning

  • RCOS defeated Lord Vivox and saves many candy-coated children.
  • The RCOS make their way back to their HQ in the North Ward with the freed children and the body of Lord Vivox.

Treasure: Staff of Forceful Rebuking +2, Bard’s Songblade +3 (longsword), Guardian Shield (heavy shield), Scroll of Detect Object, 2 Potions of Healing, 3000 gold pieces

Chocolate Riddle

Session 45 – game day 52 – morning

  • RCOS defeated the shopkeeper and his four mechanical crossbows.
  • Entering the next room they run into a tasked genie who was suspending candy-covered kids in mid-air. He would released them the kids, in spite of his orders, if the party could answer a riddle (2 tires given):

You are given a bar of chocolate. It contains 50 bars. In particular, it contains a 5 by 10 grid of small bars. Assuming you cannot stack chocolate and can only break bars along the lines separating the pieces, what are the minimum and maximum number of breaks you can make in order to end up with 50 pieces of chocolate.

  • The party solves the riddle and goes downstairs where they discover the undead Lord Vivox with four more candy-covered children on a carousel.
The Candy Store

Session 44 – game day 52 – morning

  • The RCOS reached Vivox’s candy store in the South Ward. There they found a woman from the city of Caeneria buying four mysterious crates from a green masked shopkeeper.
  • While the woman and shopkeeper haggled, Garn & Mayhos pretended to be drunk and approached the woman’s guards at their wagon. They offered to help load the crates into the wagon for a couple of silver pieces.
  • Garn dropped a crate on purpose revealing a chocolate covered boy dressed as a sheperd. Breaking away the chocolate, Garn realized there was a living boy trapped inside.
  • Garn furtively starts a fire in the wagon and drives the horses off. The woman and guards move to chase the wagon as Garn draws his weapon and prepares to engage the shopkeeper. For the ophans!
  • The shopkeeper commands magical crossbows to swing out from the shop’s windows.
Targeting the Candyman

Session 43 – game day 51

  • The street whispered that Deberg was working with the RCOS, making the Ravens’ Wings and the Brotherhood assassins nervous about their position in the future of Rosso’s underworld.
  • Rho tried to trick the RCOS by disguising as Duke Ramza and telling them to leave Rosso, but an emissary from the Ravens’ Wings, Milk Eye, warned them that she was a doppleganger. Rho dropped her disguise and warned that Col. Saundir was incensed that Duke Ramza was holding back his forces, and had a plan to force his hand to attack Rosso. Col. Saundir’s long term goal has been to demonstration to the king of Nor the benefits of using bound demons in addition to bound genie.
  • Milk Eye delivers the message that the other underworld guilds of Rosso want to meet with the RCOS and Deberg to divide the pie of Rosso underworld business if they help send away both Sehret and Nor. The Ravens’ Wings hold the important card of protecting Deberg from Saundir’s doppleganger spies. The underworld bosses will be at Deberg’s mansion to meet before they let Deberg reveal how the RCOS can kill the necromancer, Yoricka.
  • In a plan to sow distrust amongst the Brotherhood assassins and the Ravens’ Wings, the RCOS sets out to kill the undead Magistrate VivoxThe Candyman,” in the South Ward. They set out on game day 52.
Zuggurat Second Floor

Session 42 – game day 50

  • Lancelet retained some of his free-will, but the focusing lanterns started to suck that away. The party was able to destroy them and have Lancelet fight at their side. He continues to fight the darkness, but remains and ally of the RCOS.
  • Gov. Deberg struck a deal with the RCOS promising to eventually destroy the undead under his control if they support him to remain governor. In return Deberg invited the RCOS to a dinner party at his mansion in 3 days. There he would arrange for an ambush of the necromancer Yoricka and her dracolich who have started to push Deberg around.

Treasure: 1300 gp, 2 healing potions, Greataxe of Shared Wrath +3, Helm of Battle, (and Lancelet has a vicious greatsword +2 if you want to take it away from him).

Ziggurat First Floor

Session 41 – game day 50

  • The party discovers an enchantress, Jehenna, trussed up under the stairs, but first wakes vampire spawn from the coffins in the back.
  • A genasi hydromancer and his water elemental serpents who were stirring the black necromantic waters join the fight.
  • The party goes to the 2nd floor to find the necromancer Yoricka with four prisoners: Lancelet and three townsfolk. Zombie hulks stand guard. Yoricka dumps black water over them while they stand on one of the necromantic tiles the undead were lining the canals with. The power immediately turns Lancelet and the three townsfolk into undead.

Treasure: Scimitar of Force +2, Mask of Life Protection, Battleforged Plate Armor +2, Cloth robes +2, 900 gp.

Entrance of the Ziggurat (conclusion)

Session 40 – game day 50

  • Party finishes off vampire muse and kenku (who were part of the Ravens’ Wings gang).
  • There are large lumen (glass strong as steel) vats of black necromantic water that makes one sick just by getting close to it.

Treasure: Pavis Charm, Inner Warmth Hide Armor +2, Potion of Lifeshield, Lesser Elixir of Invisibility, and 1700 gold pieces.

Entrance of the Ziggurat

Session 39 – game day 50

  • The party escaped undead laying the strange tiles along the canal.
  • At the entrance to the ziggurat they walked in on an argument between members of the thieves guild known as the Raven’s Wings and a vampire woman guarding the entrance to the ziggurat.
  • The party attacked and are fighting their way inside where they see large glass vats of black water.
Rosso Under Siege

Session 38 – game day 50

  • The party returned to Rosso in the company of their restored ally, Kenjyn, to find the city already surrounded by the allied armies led by Duke Ramza of Nor. The two sides have begun talks, but there is little hope for a bloodless solution.
  • Two new structures have appeared in the Rosso skyline: three story ziggurats made of bone and stone are now in the East and South Wards.
  • Things remain relatively safe and peaceful in the North Ward where the RCOS’s anti-undead shield has kept the majority of Deberg‘s forces out. The Solarian paladin, Lancelet, led an attack against the rival gang known as the Kawangas killing them and hanging them from the roofs of their territory. When they went up against the next gang, The Raven’s Wings, they found that the gang had allied with the Shinning Blades and captured the vigilante Solarian knights.
  • Miri told the party that The Raven’s Wings have gathered the remaining thieves guilds under their command and have allied themselves with Deberg. They took Lancelet and the other Solarians to the ziggurat in the South Ward. Miri also demonstrated that she has infernal powers similar to what Darsen lost.
  • The party went to investigate the southern ziggurat while Kenjyn’s Honor Society went to the eastern one. Along the way the party found undead leading a group of workers tiling a canal with arcane markings. They went to investigate and free the human workers.
Showdown with Jenkins (Kenjyn)

Session 37 – game day 47 – late morning

  • Deberg escapes with the help of Yoricka, but before he leaves orders Jenkins to finish off Lady Hendenhall to make up for the failure to possess the monks at the tournament.
  • The ogre, Pain, changes sides and refuses to help his master kill a friend. Zhi, her brother, and the other monks agree to hold off the remaining forces while the RCOS goes to save Lady Hendenhall.
  • Zhi diagnosed Jenkins (Kenjyn) as having “The War of the Self” affliction (dissociative identity disorder), and if he suffered a major defeat the current dominant personality might forever takeover.
  • The party caught up to Jenkins inside the mansion and almost reach their friend, Kenjyn, when Rho appeared and signaled to a doppelganger agent disguised as a maid to assume the identify of Kenjyn’s estranged wife. Rho left and the fake wife proceeded to enraged Jenkins to fight the party.
  • The party defeated the doppelganger and showed Kenjyn he was being manipulated. Kenjyn regained control and thanked the party for bringing him back.
  • The monks defeat the remaining forces of governor Deberg and free Lady Hendenhall from the dungeon.

Treasure: Chromatic Robe +2, 1200 gold


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