Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

The Kumite

Session 36 – game day 47 – late morning

  • Wan Zhi placed an exorcism spell at the edge of each fighting platform, but Rime and Balasar would have to maneuver their opponents onto them.
  • Rime faced the possessed Wan Yi (brother to Zhi and champion of the Po Chi Forest monastary) and Balasar faced Tezo J’buran (drow master of the Silver Web Viel Brotherhood).
  • Demon drummers made both Tezo and Yi invulnerable and immovable. Lorn, Garn, and Zhi had to disrupt the drummers. Distracting one drummer they allowed Balasar and Rime to move their possessed opponents onto the exorcism spells freeing them. The freed monks deferred to the RCOS and told the other monks that they had been betrayed by their host.
  • The visiting monks and the RCOS faced off against Governor Deberg and Master Jenkins of the Honor Society monastary.
The RCOS goes to Nor's war council (and brings BBQ takeout)

Session 35 – game day 47 – morning

  • Party defeated Dux and the demon possessed pigs freeing the partially possessed monks. The party then returned to their room to rest leaving Lady Hendenhall in the custody of Kenjyn’s people.
  • Zhi finds a way to banish the demons on the victims possessed since early that evening including the party’s own Mayhos and Kahem. She exorcizes them and went to the tournament mattes to hide a healing spell in the floor where the party will have to maneuver Zhi’s brother and the drop monk Tezo during the match to free them.
  • Lady Faye temporarily transported the RCOS to a traveling army on the back of a giant firebird in the elemental plane of fire. There they met the war council of a joint army made mostly of forces from Nor but also represented by Sehret, Havi, and Solaria. Lord Ramza, The Sun Duke, asked to use the secret tunnel through Rosso’s walls in the RCOS’s territory should the need arise to attack the undead.
  • Nor’s general, the winged dragonborn Korain, wanted to send the efreet fire-axes first sparing the mortal soldiers, but risking more civilians. The RCOS objected, and agreed on a ompromise with Duke Ramza to minimize casualties if Rosso would become independent and give a direct tribute to Nor like the other city-states in the kingdom.

Treasure: Bloodthread Armor +2, Watcher’s Horn, 1,900 gold

Demon BBQ Pork

Session 34 – game day 46 – evening

  • Party saved Zhi.
  • Zhi used her positive ki arts to suppress the demons possessing Kahem and Mayhos.
  • Party decided to wait on saving the magistrate Hendenall for now.
  • Party went to the smoke room to destroy the focus that is driving the possession of the other monks (a giant pig skull).
  • There the demon powered, former classmate of Rime, Dux tries to stop them with the help of undead pigs covered in a sweet sauce.

Treasure: Diadem of Acuity, 1200 gold (from Adept of Orcus)

No Soup For You

Session 33 – game day 46 – evening

  • The party killed the Bloodkiss Beholder and the Goblin Mess Cook. They made their way out of the kitchen hoping to find the imprisoned Lady Hendenall and/or prevent the other monks from being possessed by demons.
  • Coming from the kitchen the party ran into an Adept of Orcus and a wight with a glowing sword with Zhi bound up as a prisoner. Zhi says her monastery including her brother and the drow monastery are already possessed.
  • As they started the fight Kahem and Mayhos speak in other voices and demons partially possess their bodies. Zhi says that if they free her she might be able to suppress the demons.

Treasure: Shield of Defiance

Party Crashers

Session 32 – game day 46 – evening

  • The RCOS found that there would be a private party where Deberg would try to hire the monasteries to help him route the RCOS from Rosso.
  • Kahem, Mayhos, and Garn tried to crash the private party, but Yoricka turned them away giving them a take-out bag of roast chicken, pork puns, dumplings, and steamed vegetables.
  • Pain, after being healed by Zhi, told Garn that at this meeting Deberg plans to possess those monks who do not agree to work with for with demons.
  • A handmaiden of Lady Hendenhall told the party that Kenjyn has imprisoned her in the dungeons of the main house. The handmaiden can signal which smoke stack to go down and sneak the party inside to free her mistress.
  • The party goes down the chute, but are discovered by a goblin cook who stirs a Bloodkiss Beholder to defend his kitchen.
Bad Hyena, no Biscuit

Session 31 – game day 46

Fight with ogre monks and cacklefiend hyenas finished. Pain defeated, but not killed due to his history with the RCOS.

Deberg, Jenkins, and Yoricka came to the villa entrance. Deberg called the dracolich Hasipher and ordered him to kill the party.

Kumite Registration

Session 30 – game day 44

Finished fight with canaloths, runspiral demons, and vrock.

Game Day 46

Arrived at mountain villa to register for Kumite.

Met Wan Song Zhi (diaph) of the Po Chi Forest School, Dan from Dan’s School for the Gifted, Tezo J’buran (drow) of the Silverweb Viel Brotherhood, and other monasteries.

Kahem bet the Silverweb Viel Brotherhood that Balasar and Rime would make it further than them. The wager was being the “servant” of the loser for a week.

Pain, student of Kenjyn, came with his brothers Suffering and Anguish and their acid dripping hyena pets. They moved to attack identifying the RCOS as enemies of Rosso.

Demon Bacon

Session 29 – Day 44 – high sun

Eljah and Rangrim stayed in Rosso to shore up the territory while the rest of the RCOS leadership went to the Kumite. Rubi the proprietor of the Salt Lick Tavern recommended two new allies to the RCOS. One was the bard Lorn hailing from Sehret and the other the mysterious ranger Kahem.

The party traveled up the mountain to Governor Deberg’s villa for the Kumite, a martial arts tournament. Two days out from the villa they had lunch at a trail-side porridge stand. There a local pig farmer implored them for help. His brother had a possessed pig who was attacking their elderly neighbor. When the party went to investigate, the pig did appear to be possessed with a glowing red eye and a head that rotated all the way around unnaturally.

The farmers did not know why the pig was acting strangely, but it was lost for a few days near Deberg’s mountain villa. When the pig returned to the farm, it had the glowing red eye.

They killed the pig, but then two dog-like demons, canoloths, appeared from the woods demanding the slaughtered swine. The canoloths immediately attacked, supported by demonic beetles with runes etched on their shells, runespiral demons, arcing lighting from the tree-line . As the fight started, the canoloths released the demon trapped inside the pig’s body, a massive vulture like creature known as a vrock took to the air, but Kahem immediately launched an arrow causing it serious injury and invoking its attention.

Are you not entertained?

Session 28 – game day 28 – mid-day

Even with the gladiator, the party quickly knocked out the inkmancer. Eljah teleported the gladiator into the party ranks with his glaive. The gladiator sensing defeat retreated back to the open portal, but not before taking many hits on the way. Terios tried to shut the portal down, but only manage to have it cycle through its four most common destinations. When the gladiator stepped through he was struck down and dragged back to Tower Rock.

Once captured the inkmancer, known as Yen’sod of clan Ironhair, was questioned. He confirmed that House Saundir used Tower Rock to funnel necromantic supplies to Rosso hidden inside the poems. The portal connected Tower Rock to an old battlefield by Titan’s Castle where House Saundir harvested supplies from the graves of fallen armies. The portal also connected to three other locations. The other three were: a standing Nor army near The Goblin Gap, a country estate owned by Saundir near Nor, and a location in the Abyss.

Yen’sod the inkmancer also said that Rho was a doppelganger who had gained extra powers. Her shapechanging ability is now so strong she can take the form of creatures beyond humanoids and gain all of their powers. Yen’sod had seen her take the form of a dragon and consume her enemies with fiery breath.

Treasure: Terror Warhammer +2, warhammer +2 (market value 1800 gp), 4 potions of healing, 10 paintings of trapping (350 gp / 35 gp each), 1150 gp

The party then left the palace at Tower Rock. They put the slave girls into a painting and climbed back down the mesa. Once back at the village they learned that the gnome, Misty, had left town.

Game Day 31

Traveling back the party met the wife of Master Kenjyn of the Honor Society in a tea house only a day out of Rosso. Lady Ivy said that her husband charged her with infidelity with Garn, their own goliath warden. The stress then caused Kenjyn’s alternate persona, Jenkins, to come to the fore front. The leader of the Honor Society constantly battles between his moderate personality and his darker self. The sight of his wife being unfaithful made Jenkins dominant. Master Jenkins threw out his wife and aligned with governor Deberg. The Honor Society then killed the South Ward magistrate, the candy maker Vivox. And they captured the East Ward magistrate, Lady Hendenhall. This removes the two anti-undead magistrates from Rosso.

Lady Ivy said she would go and live with her parents till Kenjyn came back to his senses.

Also arriving at the tea house was a fellow member of Balasar‘s Stone Fist Monastary, a gnome monk named Bong Li. He had been given an invite for a Kumite run by the Honor Society and hosted at governer Deberg’s mountain villa near Rosso. Bong Li gladly gave his invite to Balasar.

Game Day 32

When the party arrived at Rosso they found that Rime‘s monastery, the Order of the Midnight Raven also received an invitation. They had sent an elder master named Goldmill to transfer the invite to Rime, but warned than a younger student named Dux had wanted to be champion for the Midnight Ravens and had gone ahead to the governor’s villa without an invitation. Ringo, the ex city watch, had now joined the RCOS. He reported that the North Ward was still safe, but the rumor was that with the help of the Honor Society and this Kumite, Deberg now intended to recruit non-undead monks to attack the North Ward through the undead barrier.

The party decided that in two weeks they would enter this Kumite with the hope of preventing the recruitment of other monks and somehow removing Deberg‘s new ally in the Honor Society. Hopefully the party can bring Kenjyn’s personality back to the forefront otherwise they might need harsher methods of removing him.

Hail to the king!

Session 27 – game day 28 – morning

The party stashed the doppelganger into one of the paintings using the same magic that trapped the harem girls. Hearing muffled grunting from the darkened room they discovered a tied-up Eljah along with some crates of necromantic supplies. They burned the supplies and set their teammate free. Approaching the room with the music and singing they met the cursed king of Tower Rock. Frozen to his throne he had harem girls singing and playing instruments for him. In the center of the room was an inactive teleportation circle. The cursed king summoned his djinn to attack the party. Dragging the djinn through the fire pits in the room, our heroes made quick work of it. To add insult to injury Garn turned the king’s throne upside down and leaned him against the wall. The girls were freed and sent to wait with the other hostages till everyone was ready to escape the mesa later.

Treasure: Circlet of Authority, king’s jewels (200 gp)

Finally, the party moved toward the bedroom where the inkmancer waited. He was a dwarf artist armed with a paintbrush and a dagger. He avoided direct contact by slipping into and out of his paintings. Locked inside the paintings where poisonous spiders trained to do his biding. And if that wasn’t enough, the inkmancer also had a pair of ink elementals with blinding, suffocating, and slowing ink at their command.

As the party defeated spiders and one ink elemental the inkmancer used the paintings to slip behind the group and activated the teleportation circle. From the glowing portal stepped a massive gladiator with the brand of House Saundir, and then the fight was joined.

Map of current fight.


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