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  • Harl Saundir

    Colonel in the Nor military and rich aristocrat. He owns many slaves and gladiators. He is known to be cruel both on the battlefield and to his slaves. Known for his gladiator stock he entertains the rich and powerful of Nor while lining his own pockets …

  • Yoricka

    Necromancer adviser to Governer [[:nufin-deberg | Deberg,]] rumored to really work for Col. [[:col-saundir | Saundir]] of Nor. Her powers are so strong she is also rumored to have raised and animated the dracolich [[:hasipher | Hasipher]]. Dead. Killed …

  • Rho

    A shapechanger who knows the party and identified Darsen and Eljah as half brothers. Rumors say she works for House Saundir, but she does not want to harm Darsen and Eljah.

  • Wan Zhi

    Daughter of the famous monk, Wan Feywing, from the Po Chi Forest monastery located near Nor. Zhi while not a monk is a master of the healing arts with ki energy. Brother is Wan Yi who is a fighting monk.

  • Ramza

    Born of a strong family in Nor, Ramza, is known for being willing to get his hands dirty. With a famous early adventuring life he has become a trusted and sworn supporter of King Delal. He is often sent to reflect his king's will in situations that …

  • Korain

    Once a warlord who terrorized villages east of Nor, the Lucan warrior-scholar *Insul*, brought him to heel, and used him as a living weapon in his bid to takeover Nor. Korain was a blunt warrior of great power and deceptive agility, but he was …

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