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  • Rho

    A shapechanger who knows the party and identified Darsen and Eljah as half brothers. Rumors say she works for House Saundir, but she does not want to harm Darsen and Eljah.

  • Charlon Sheelzebub

    The master of boats in the city of canals. Charlon works in the dark waterways for those who can pay his price and brave his company.

  • Lancelet

    Originally from Nor, Lancelet has traveled to Rosso only a year ago. He quickly rose through the ranks of the holy warriors among the temple of Sol. Many consider him arrogant over his skill at arms, faith in Sol, and experiences in cities bigger than …

  • Korain

    Once a warlord who terrorized villages east of Nor, the Lucan warrior-scholar *Insul*, brought him to heel, and used him as a living weapon in his bid to takeover Nor. Korain was a blunt warrior of great power and deceptive agility, but he was …

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