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Rosso Committee for Orphan Safety

Resource Manifest

The RCOS officially controls the territory in the North Ward of Rosso formerly controlled by the thieves guilds the White Camels and The Abominations.


Former White Camels

  • Todd (a.k.a. “Sweeny”), human barber
  • 1 halfling slinger (Fogg who lost his brother to the Abominations)
  • 3 human bandits, mace wielding rogues

Refugees from the Raven Queen temple

  • Priestess Goomara, high priestess of the Raven Queen
  • 3 clerics, 1 avenger
  • Grace, young paladin armed with Quicksilver chain and longsword of (something) +1 from the RCOS.
  • windsoul genasi female, wears leather and an ornate scythe
  • 23 non-combatants who worshiped and served at the temple

Refugees from the Solarian temple

  • PhillipePhillipe Ferrys, scribe
  • Lancelet, paladin
  • 10 knights from the temple who look to Lancelet as their commander
  • 47 non-combantants from the temple of Sol.


  • Pool, butcher and RCOS accountant
  • Garon, half-orc hunter (former slave catcher)

Places (former White Camel territory):
Crimson Dawn Orphanage

  • Lady Jervin, matron of the orphanage
  • Miri, 12 year old orphan human girl with a pet falcon
  • Other orphans: Nulty, “the duke”, Herc, Rolo, Freamo, and Shakima (girl)

Warehouse (current headquarters, owned in name by Rime)

North Lake Tower (former city watch station)

  • Ringo, former city watch sergeant
  • 22 men-at-arms now reporting to the RCOS

Crow’s Tower

  • Lady Faye, new emissary from Sehret
  • Malcom, guardian tasked-genie

Salt Lick Tavern

  • Rubi, human woman proprietor

The Pie Hole (pie shop)

  • Lady Lovett, proprietor, in relationship with barber Todd

The Dragon Chaser (diaph poppy den)

  • Brody, human male proprietor

Stoutbeard Leathers (high quality leatherworker)
Offers 10% discount on magic leather items

  • Braeg Stoutbeard, proprietor

Ambrosia Park (recovering public park)

  • Bartallyn, quickling
  • Various fairies and pixies

Raptor Ranch Brothel

Places (former Abomination territory):

Elwynn Blades, weaponsmith
Offers a 10% discount on lumen (metal equivalent) weapons (no bows, crossbows, staves, nets, etc.)

  • Smith Argus, human male proprietor

Berno’s Carvings, ivory and stone carvings

  • Berno, tiefling male sculptor

Just Shoe It, cobbler

  • Wolon, human male proprietor

Joker of Cakes, cake shop

  • Duff, gnome male proprietor

The Brotherhood, assassin’s guild
Actual location unknown, but known to make contact through an all-you-can-eat halfling buffet called “Hafling Buffet”.

  • Lala-Ling, hafling female proprietor

RCOS Resources

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