Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Catch a tiger by the tail

Session 24 – game day 27 – evening

The leaders of the RCOS left their territory, the North Ward of Rosso, in the hands of their underlings and capable allies. The need to cut off the supply of dead bodies and necromantic components fueling Governor Nufin Deberg’s undead army prompted travel to the small town of Tower Rock where they hoped to find the source these supplies.

After four days travel the party was close to the town when they decided to push on in the night to reach their destination. Outlined by the coming twilight, the tower-like mesa that gave the town its named rose like a beacon drawing them in. As they traveled by moon and stars new lights appeared in the sky. From Tower Rock’s peak floated specks of light, like fireflies. They scattered to the west of the mesa towards the party, but they scattered widely. Those that came close enough appeared to be small paper balloons with candles inside of them. Really just toys. When one landed only yards away the party moved to investigate. A child’s scream then came from where the balloon landed in a tree. When Rime lit her sunrod the night covered grass showed tigers prowling around the tree and starting to climb towards a girl clutching the small balloon in her arms.

The party dispatched the tigers and brought the girl down. She said her name was Chita and she thanked them for rescuing her. She had been out (against her parents’ wishes) collecting the balloons. Every couple of weeks the balloons would float from the mesa. They contained poems written by maidens trapped by the king frozen to his throne. A self-styled Casanova named Misty back in the town of Tower Rock has been offering a reward of one copper for every poem brought to him. The children had lately made a game of collecting them.

When Rangrim examined the two poems Chita had collected he noticed they were enspelled. And everyone saw that the poetry was horrible. Behind the words, drawn very faintly in delicate ink strokes, were pictures. The ghostly rendering of crates.

The party paid Chita a gold for each poem which she was glad to receive. Skinning the tigers they made camp and rested before entering town.

Treasure: 4 medium tiger pelts, 50 gp each; 1 large tiger pelt, 100 gp; 300 gp total

Game day 28 – morning

When they entered the small town of Tower Rock the party split up. Balasar, Suushur, and Garn went to the caravansary. The clerk there informed them that once a month the caravan of house Saundir would come into town from the east with five to eight wagons mostly empty. Then one morning they were all full of coffins and other necromantic supplies and then set off to the west towards Rosso.

Rangrim and Eljah went to the Leaning Camel inn looking for the Casanova named Misty (Rime had escorted Chita to her home where her parents made her stay for brunch—and chores). They found him out in back, in the stables with a prostitute. A local boy exiting the stables said that Misty just had them drop off their balloons and take a copper from a bowl he had set out. Misty did not want anyone interrupt his “wrestling” as the boy understood it.



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