Diapha: Blood & Sand (& Pie)

Hail to the king!

Session 27 – game day 28 – morning

The party stashed the doppelganger into one of the paintings using the same magic that trapped the harem girls. Hearing muffled grunting from the darkened room they discovered a tied-up Eljah along with some crates of necromantic supplies. They burned the supplies and set their teammate free. Approaching the room with the music and singing they met the cursed king of Tower Rock. Frozen to his throne he had harem girls singing and playing instruments for him. In the center of the room was an inactive teleportation circle. The cursed king summoned his djinn to attack the party. Dragging the djinn through the fire pits in the room, our heroes made quick work of it. To add insult to injury Garn turned the king’s throne upside down and leaned him against the wall. The girls were freed and sent to wait with the other hostages till everyone was ready to escape the mesa later.

Treasure: Circlet of Authority, king’s jewels (200 gp)

Finally, the party moved toward the bedroom where the inkmancer waited. He was a dwarf artist armed with a paintbrush and a dagger. He avoided direct contact by slipping into and out of his paintings. Locked inside the paintings where poisonous spiders trained to do his biding. And if that wasn’t enough, the inkmancer also had a pair of ink elementals with blinding, suffocating, and slowing ink at their command.

As the party defeated spiders and one ink elemental the inkmancer used the paintings to slip behind the group and activated the teleportation circle. From the glowing portal stepped a massive gladiator with the brand of House Saundir, and then the fight was joined.

Map of current fight.



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